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Tom Udall = Barack Obama map

RE RE --Guns-Porn-Sex-Rights--Best Post I have ever Seen (abq)

RE --Guns-Porn-Sex-Rights--Best Post I have ever Seen!!! (ABQ) pic

Guns-Porn-Sex-Rights (Rio Rancho) pic map

vote liberal???

Obviously Insane pic map


ISIS (abq)

re re re islam (abq)

re re re: islam map

re re islam (abq)

Gov. S Martinez---read and learn (New Mexico) pic map

re: islam map

10-yr old muslim girl raped..father wanted to honor kill her. map

More Islamic deeds (city)

islam (abq)

rere:Re America not Amerika (I am American ) map

re Republican Side of the story (abq)

Pedophile alert: Mesa, AZ map

re submit & death (abq)

liberals map

Political Family Dynasty of 100 years ! Good?

You might be a demorat if (abq)

the mulsim death spree continues (abq)

(Vote with the 19 Language communicator) Today is Arabic Language day. (New Mexico) pic map

** ISLAM ** the"religion of peace" in its own words!! (USA)

(From Governor Martinez Campaign) Vote against The Lujan's. (New Mexico) pic map

Vote for Gil Fulbright (Represent Us) pic

Dear Saul, Can I have your autograph? pic map

ebola (abq)

ebola pic map

Puppets take note.

NO...but so many did! pic map

New Mexico Sons of Liberty Riders (Rio Rancho)

Jefferson Byrd You Already Lost The Election (Spookumscary)

Religion has no place in todays society. (politics) map

re BIG OIL and credits (politics) map

Re: the Pope..... (politics) map

Is the Pope rewriting the Bible

i see someone else has been trying to .... map

climate moron (reality)

Re: Ebola (politics) pic map

Climate change moran (politics) map

How does Global Warming effect you? (politics) map

Re; Response (politics) pic map

response (reality)

re republicans have responded as expected (politics) map

EBOLA (city) pic

for that clown with the walrus post "additional evidence " (abq)

warming (abq) pic

truth (reality)

re" You might be a repub (politics) pic map

RE You Might Be A REPUBLICAN If (fools)

Re: You might be a Republican if.... (politics) map

mor fun for the libtards (seriously) pic

A candidate's forum, Sat Oct 11, Tajique Community Cen (8636 Highway 55, Tajique) pic map

fun for righties with twisted panties pic map

re re re: game plan/libtards/additional map

welfare for teabaggers pic map

re REe; additional evidence nutjob (city)

libtard (city) pic

udall (abq)

re re: game plan (abq)

Re: climate (Rio Rathole) map

REe; additional evidence nutjob map

re: game plan map

Things We Can't Afford

Creepy Jefferson Byrd (politics) map

re: martinez and Nm education (NM) map

game plan (world)

sheep (abq)

Re; additional evidence nutjob (politics) pic map

re additional evidence (abq)


Re; climate (Rio rancho) map

re hey conspiracy nut! - 150 yrs LOL - ice core 101 (abq)

hey conspiracy nut! - 150 yrs LOL - ice core 101 map

China, Russia flex muscles in increasing number of close calls with U. (abq)

Sex, Lies, Stupidity and the Tea Party map

re Violent Tea Baggers - Rio Rancho and Abroad. (abq)

Violent Tea Baggers - Rio Rancho and Abroad. (Rio Rancho) pic map

more on melting ice and boo hoo (world) map

ckicken climate little chirp chirp (word) map

important to go further back in time (world) map

climate (abq)

Re more evidence .... denier beware! the truth shall set you free. (OMG)

more evidence .... denier beware! the truth shall set you free. map

re additional (ABQ)

additional evidence pic map

GIVE UP LANGUAGE GUY, IT'S NO USE (politics) pic map

(Vote for 19 language communicator) We are now 19 languages strong. ((NEW MEXICO NOVEMBER 4 VOTE)) pic map

uhmm,, that's funny (reality)

re re: Fox News (city) (reality) pic

some of the scandals during Reagan's presidency map

re: Fox News (city) map

clap on, clap off (abq)

re fox news (city)

(FROM GOVERNOR MARTINEZ) Congressman Lujan stole tax Refunds. (New mexico) pic map

re: Fox News and Major ......... map

Re fox news and Major thoughts and goals (america) pic map

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