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John Trudell Native American Documentary

Re; delete (ne abq)

somebody is deleting all new political posts

Re:Re wtf (DUKE CITY) map

re:Re;Dens and Christianity(Not Texas) (TEXAS)

Re: re: Chicago

Re;Chicago (abq)

Archdiocese of Chicago

L or C ? (albuquerque) pic

Liberal or Conservative (Tx)

re re:re: Dems and Christianity(Abq) (TEXAS) (word)

Re; Dems and Christianity (Not Texas) pic

re:re: Dems and Christianity(Abq) (TEXAS)

WTF (burque 4 life) pic

Re;dems and christianity (Abq) pic

dems and christianity (reality)

Re. yet another (Not Texas) pic

re:Yet another.....(politics) (TEXAS)

Gang problems? Solutions?

Yet another...... (politics) map

Saudi Arabia and New Mexico: oil price threat by Dr. Daniel Fine (Daily Times Farmington)

RE Re re (abq)

re re;Yet another (Abq)


re re;Yet another - (abq)

Re: Re: Ferguson and All Those Outraged Protesters pic

re;Yet another (Abq) pic

yet another (abq)

re Furgeson (proves)

Ferguson Proves America Is Fed up w/Police Brutality (abq) pic

Re; Ferguson (Abq) pic

re Furgeson (abq)

Black Friday

Ferguson, MO (Abq) pic

Ferguson, MO

re re re re on the real (abq)

illegals (city)

Re;Re;Re- On the real (Reality) pic

Re Re On the Real (reality)

Re:On the real (Reality) pic

re re re imigration (reality (on the real))

re,re;re:Immigration (Reality) pic

re Since All The Republicans (abq)

re;re;:Immigration (abq)

Wars are not fought for your freedom-Jesse Ventura (abq) pic

Thoughts on immigration (USA) pic

re;re;:Immigration (Abq)

Re:Immigration (Reality) pic

Man Hands pic map

All Aboard!! pic map

Do what you are told (USA)

LOL (abq)

Fascists (abq)

Climate change (reality)

Another temper Tantrum (Washington DC) pic

LOL (reality) pic

Re: racist (Reality) pic

Re:Ever notice (Reality) pic

Ever notice (ne) pic

RE:0bama, Biden, Pelosi, Ried & Kerry (Reality) pic

A Country run by 0bama. (USA) pic

0bama, Biden, Pelosi, Ried & Kerry (USA)

Charles Manson to wed (abq)

0bama voters (USA) map

RE re Hope and Change (abq)

RE: Hope and Change (USA) map

wicked witch of the west (ne)

It doesn't matter (US)

re sick and tired of this treatment (abq)

Who are these people? (Everywhere)

RE Hope & Change (abq)

Hope and Change (USA)

crisis (abq)

Write your Congressman (USA)

re plz help!! (city)

obama (abq)

RE re Veteran's Day (ne abq)

New Mexico Sons of Liberty Riders (Rio Rancho)

RE re Veteran's Day (Reality)

re;Happy Veterans Day (Abq) pic

Veteran's Day (ABQ)

re: get things done pic

re get things done (Abq) pic

re: Time to get things done! pic

re; Sick and tired (sw burque) pic

Vote for Gil Fulbright (Represent Us) pic

re I have gotten sick and tired of this treatment. (abq)

re; sick and tired of this treatment. (Albuquerque) pic


I have gotten sick and tired of this treatment.

Time to get things done! (RR) pic map

here ya go you pussy (abq) pic

warriors (abq)

Democrat warriors (Reality) pic

Republican warriors (Reality) pic

re fake vet (abq)

fake vet (Reality) pic

fake vet (LOL)

Mitch McConnell's military service (Reality) pic

re; fake vet (Abq) pic

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