Astra Trike Rotax 912 QUEST GT5 13.5 wing - $28,000 (Granite Shoals)

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For Sale,

Astra Weight Shift Control Trike with 912UL Rotax 80hp engine and North Wing Quest GT5 13.5 m wing. This is a big man trike. Wide front seat and plenty of leg room. Combined passenger weight of 500 lbs. The Astra is great for cross country or just taking the kids for a flight around the neighborhood.

My friend passed away in Nov and left the trike to me. The trike is registered as Experimental and can be worked on by owner. Owner can do own annual inspections with a 16 hr Maintenance Inspection Class. We are including everything we bought with the trike. Lots of extras not mentioned here.

Just replaced both ignition modules, 1 coil, 8 spark plugs, 8 spark plug connectors 2 carb sockets and 1 EGT sensor. 3 new 8-ply tires. Oil and filter change and coolant flush and change. Recent carb sync.

The engine has a total of 380 hrs. The wing has about 100 hours. (Always hangered) This is one of North Wing's most advanced topless wings. It has a top speed of 85mph and a stall speed of 35 and trim speeds from 55 to 75. More wing info below.

This is a great trike for beginners and experienced pilots looking for that 4-stroke upgrade. It does have instructor bars that can be easily removed or installed with velcro ties. I also added power grips on the control bar for added control in windy conditions. The in flight trim system controls both speed and roll. It is simple to use with quick release when needed.

Hand throttle, choke and mag switches are accessible from both front and rear seats for instruction. Foot throttle and brakes are front seat only. The Astra trike is still being produced and parts are available from Albatross Flying Systems. This is a heavy duty over built trike designed by Alistair Wilson of Stellar Aircraft. With only 380 hours the Rotax 912 has hundreds of hours flying time left on the engine. Don't let the wing sit in the sun and it will last as long as the engine.

It has a 12.5 gal tank and uses 3 to 4.5 gph depending on weight and conditions. Range 225 to 275 miles. 3 hrs with 1/2 hr reserve.

I am a US Navy trained piston engine mechanic and did the all the work and maintenance on this trike. When we got this trike I went over it from top to bottom. I wrapped all wires with spiral wrap. All water, fuel, electrical and oil lines are secured with standoffs, extra padding and zip ties.

I have done numerous upgrades on the trike. I put in a second set of mags on the instrument panel, installed water temp gauge, installed Lynx radio power interface intercom system, external radio antenna, radio and GPS mounts with power cables for both, full time carb heat, strobe and nav lights, new Warp Drive prop, full instrument panel, second taller wind screen, added streamlined fairing on main gear and front tube, added mast fairing, in flight relief system (pee tube funnel and venturi), comfortable seats, nav lights and strobe lights on wheel pants, lithium ion battery

This trike is ready to fly and is a turnkey deal. Everything goes with the trike

• 2 Comtronics Ultra-Pro Flight Helmets w/face shield (blue)
• 2 Lynx headsets (yellow) w/charger
• Lynx Dual helmet/headset padded bag
• Icom Aircraft Radios w/charger
• Lowarance 1000 Moving Map GPS
• Ram mounts for GPS and Radio
• Lynx bar mits
• Lynx flight suit (size XXL)
• Vacuum gauges for carb sync

The Quest GT5 is a highly refined, strutted wing capable of a 45 mph range of speed from stall to top speed. One of the most impressive achievements in the Quest GT5 is the light handling both in pitch and roll. The wing weighs 119 lbs with a wing span of 31.5'. Batten ribs are 7075-T6 aluminum tubing with fliploc batten stays that reduce drag.

• Aerofoil Struts & Control Frame Uprights
• Extremely rugged Airframe and Hardware
• Highest Quality Ripstop Sail Cloth
• Carbon Fiber Thread Reinforcement
• 80% Double Surface wing
• Aircraft Quality Parts and Tubing
• All Parts Made In the U.S.A
• The Strongest Trike Wings Made In the U.S.A
• Quality and Service you can fly on!

We added the vortex generators kit which improves wing handling and performance by controlling airflow over the upper surface of the wing. The vortex generators create vortices that energize the boundary layer, providing improved wing control authority at low speeds and high angles of attack.

• 8 to 10% improved performance
• Quicker roll rate
• Lighter roll pressures
• Slower stall speed
• Improved climb rate
• Improved handling in turbulence
• Improved wing stability
• Improved glide rate
• Improved fuel consumption

The North Wing GT5 is truly a world class wing. The quality parts and impeccable craftsmanship on this wing are flawless. The wing is quick to respond, easy to control and does just what you want and expect it to do.

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