2 for the price of 1 Chevy Tahoes (Moriarty)

Up for sale as a package deal today are 2 2007 Chevy Tahoes. Both SUVs feature the venerable 5.3 liter V8 that made LS swaps oh so popular over the last decade...So why am I offering 2 Tahoes for the price of one? Well, because you need both of these. The first Tahoe is an LT package, civilian model Tahoe that needs an entire front clip, radiator and all that stuff (Remarkably, there is no sign of frame damage, so this CAN be fixed) but it has a strong running 5.3 in it, along with a solid transmission and transfer case. The second Tahoe is a former APD unit, with no body damage, but the engine has that dreaded lifter knock thanks to Chevy's wonderful Active Fuel Management system that pumps up lifters and deflates them to basically turn 4 cylinders on and off, thus saving fuel. Both Tahoe's have the same engine codes, and my plan was to yank the engine from the Civilian model, and drop it in the cop model ( I hate body work) Unfortunately, Life ( and a semi truck) had other plans for me and I ended up under the semi while I was headed to work on my Harley. Unfortunately, the guy I bought the civilian model Tahoe from didnt have the title (title loan), but I do have information on the loan company, and can probably get the guy to go get the title if necessary. The cop Tahoe, has a clean and clear NM title, ready to transfer into your name. Considering the work that needs to be done, along with the multitude of extra parts, I think that $6000 is an appropriate price. Fix the Police Package Tahoe's engine, fix the Civilian Tahoe's body and pay the loan (I wanna say the dude told me it was like 600 bucks), and you'll have a nice Tahoe for taking the family out, as well as one that you can take out and just let 'er rip up 'n down the trails without worry, or just fix one, and sell whats left for half of what you paid, easily (Price out a 4L60 transmission, even used, they are INSANELY Priced)

$6000 Cash or trade plus cash OR BEST OFFER. I like Harleys, Atvs, dirtbikes, gokarts, old Dodge/Plymouth cars and trucks, old trucks, tools, computers, electronics, gold and silver, 2A items, body armor, and more.

Located exactly 5 miles from exit 196 on I-40, I am available most days for you to see the Tahoes. Delivery may be possible, depending on your location.

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