Truck trade (Los lunas)

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Do you want to trade out your old diesel for slightly newer and reliable? Im looking to trade my highway runner.

2003 F250 6.0 manual. 250k+ miles, gets a good 20+ mpg highway. Has been very reliable since I got it in Idaho, maybe six years ago, when I had new transmission, injectors and PCM put in. Good for towing, never been tuned. The inside is ok, stain on the driver seat but cushion is still good for long drives.

Previously this was a commercial tire truck to change out tires on the road. Has Chelsey controls for PTO driven air compressor that pretty large, two hose reels, lights and a 1100 lbs lift gate. Lift gate used to have a tire holder bolted to it but it's gone now. Being commercial and early 2003, this truck dodged the pollution solutions of the 6.0. No EGR, no def, no BS.

I'm mostly looking to trade, I've put too much money into it and hate selling for a loss lol. No projects or non runners, mine will travel the country today and I need reliability in yours. Putting in some cash in either direction is fine, but I can't trade for junk.

Top of my list is a bucket truck. Diesel preferred. Can be a single person bucket, I'm just doing minor work and catching bee swarms.
Also interest in old diesel trucks with mechanical fuel pumps. Pre 2000s. Toys on the bed are great or flat bed.
7.3 IDI fords
5.9 dodges
Military trucks (a 5ton turbo with expanding box makes me drool)
Possibly an 80s mercedes 300TD if in nice condition

I don't answer numbers I don't know unless your 505. Please text with a picture. If anything seems scammy I just won't reply. No help selling needed. I'll keep it if I can't get something I want to have more.

Jason in Los Lunas, NM
Two o eight- 9 tree six - 89 tree two
text please and I'll call you back.

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