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Superior Baking Stones Inc. & For Sale Used Blodgett Deck ovens.
Superior Baking Stones are Commercial Replacement Baking Stones for Pizza and Baking Ovens, for Blodgett, Bakers Pride, Vulcan, Peerless, Comstock Castle, Baxter, Garland ETC. Convection Ovens, Countertop Ovens, BBQ Grills, We can cut baking stones to fit your oven.
Our Baking Stones are put together with NSF Materials, Health Department Approved for food contact. Can be used in Wood-fired, Gas, And Electric Ovens. Heats up faster and retains the heat longer. Throw away those fiber reinforced and asbestos Baking Stones and upgrade to a New Superior Baking Stone. Ceramic Hearth Product.Illinois Buyers must add 8.75% Sales tax . Buyer is responsible for all shipping or delivery charges, There is a $60.00 Palletizing and crating fee added if needed to be shipped.
Blodgett 1048, 999/1000, Bakers Pride DS805= 24" X 36" X 1.5"Thick = $195.00, Bakers Pride Y600, & Blodgett 1060 =20" X 36" X 1.5"Thick = $175.00, 2 pc set Blodgett 951, 961, 981= 21" X 30 3/8" X 1 1/8" thick = $250.00, Bakers Pride =GP61 25 1/4" X 29 3/4" X 1"= $150.00. Bakers Pride , 922, P44,= 20 11/16" X 20 11/16" X 1" thick= $85.00
Available For Sale : Blodgett Stainless Steel 961 triple stack Pizza Ovens with (6) new Superior Baking Stones size 21" x 30 3/8" x 1.5" thick. The ovens are in good working condition, with good burners and flame panels. 300 - 650 degrees Thermostats, all three ovens. Dimensions are 5 feet wide x 40 inches depth x 70 inches high. Set up for natural gas. 2300 Lbs, class 85, commercial address, with lift gate service, (3) Pallets for ovens and (1) Pallet for New Baking Stones Illinois buyers must add 8.75% sales tax to the price. If needed to be shipped add $250.00 for palletize and crating. We will need zip code for a shipping quote, and if shipped to a commercial or residential address. Nice set of ovens. = $8000.00
Available for Sale; Nice set of Blodgett 966 top 951 bottom, Double Stack came out of a small nursing home medical center and they were original owners. The outside body is in great shape, and the burners and flame panels are in very good condition. Steel Decks included, Ovens have 50,000 natural gas btus each oven, and have been painted, tested out, and new casters put on. Dimensions are 5 ft wide x 40 inches depth x 63 inches high. ILLINOIS buyers must add 8.75 % sales tax to the price. If needed to be shipped add $200.00 for palletizing. We will need your zip code, and do you need liftgate service. If your looking for a nice roast bakery oven look no farther. $5500.00

We have other pizza ovens in stock, Blodgett 999 or 1000 , Blodgett 951,966 double stack,

Questions contact us..Mike 815-685-0663 or Mitch 815-545-5803
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