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Have a collection of STACKBIN model A-10-P parts storage bins. STACKBIN is the leader in this field and their bins have been in use for many years for a variety of applications. I am guessing these are fiberglass. They no longer sell these, probably due to the cost to produce them. They now offer a much lower quality poly version and a more expensive steel model. Having used all three kinds, I say these are best of all. The steel ones can rust and if you aren't careful, can have sharp edges causing cuts. That won't happen with these.

The typical use of these is for warehouses to manage small items. Mechanics love these for sorting their nuts, bolts, and other small parts. Wood workers use them for sorting screws. Whatever you have to sort, this is what you need. These have a sloped floor to help the parts slide to the front with a a slope up to keep them from sliding out. The sloped front makes it super easy to reach in and pull out parts. The downside of most new ones is they have a vertical front edge making it much more difficult to grab the parts.

They measure 8" from front to back, 4.5" wide in the back, 3.5" wide in front, and about 2.5" deep. Due to the angled design, they can be used in a semi-circular way, great for a corner or line up like in the picture.

The real benefit of these is the removable divider. I am selling 70 of these bins and 55 of them have the divider. That gives you a lot of flexibility on how you use them.

There is a guy on eBay selling six of the rusty steel ones for $50 plus $14 shipping and they don't have the dividers. You can see just how much better this deal is! Another person is selling the steel ones, used, for $12 on Amazon.

I am selling the bins for $2.00 each, with or without the divider, first come, first serve. If you want them all, they are yours for $100.
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