Rachel Elizondo "Storyteller Arts" red chile cookie jar... - $10 (Eubank/Comanche)

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condition: good

For sale today is an interesting Rachel Elizondo "Storyteller Arts" red chile cookie jar. This was my mother's and was part of a larger collection. It was purchased many years ago by my mother. It has been in storage for many years, so we decided to sell it in the hopes that somebody will display them proudly in their kitchen. The piece is in good condition. It has a slight chip in the paint (see photo). Other than the chip, it's in excellent condition. The cheapest I have been able to find th Rachel Elizondo piece is $60 used on eBay (see photo).

This piece is over 9" high, 12" long and 6 1/2" across.

I have researched this piece. I would guess mom has over $100 into it. But because it has a slight paint chip, I am selling it at a great discount.

The reason for selling is because my mother is getting old and she no longer has the desire to use or store this red chile container. After several years of this set sitting in her closet, we decided to sell it. It's just taking up room and mom no longer uses it.

Used pieces on eBay are fetching over $60. So my price is fair. I am NOT in a hurry to sell, but I will entertain other offers if you're nice, have integrity and are diligent.

If texting is your preferred method of communication, please be diligent with your response. If I'm able to, I will respond immediately. My work is sporatic, but involved. So if I'm out in the field I may not respond until I'm done with work for the day.

All proceeds from this sale will go into our petty cash "take mom out" fund. We also use this fund to pay insurance deductibles for her doctor visits.

This set will be at my house on the East side of town in the Eubank/Comanche area. But I can also bring it down to my girlfriend's house on the West side of town in the MontaƱo/Unser area. I can meet you either at my house or my girlfriend's house - whichever is most convenient for you.

I believe most questions are answered via the photos and body of this listing. If you have any questions, please feel free to text or call. All questions that are already answered in this listing will be ignored.

Scammers: I will happily send you on a wild goose chase unlike any other you have ever been on before. I am merciless. I will lie to you and give you some ridiculous price like $8,000 for my "item." I will make you waste your money on a check sent to me via UPS. Once I have your check, I will act stupid and make you explain 10 times how to send a Money Gram. I will then lie to you and tell you I sent it. After 3 or 4 failed attempts, I will ask you if Western Union is okay, at which point I will send you on yet ANOTHER wild goose chase with false Western Union numbers. All this time I will be laughing and sharing screen captures of your email, text messages and bogus checks on Facebook. We will all laugh our asses off at your expense. When I am done I will toss the check and the UPS envelope into a large pile that I use to teach my computer class students how transparent your stupid scam is. So if you really want to go through all this crap, please feel free to text me that you want to know "the condition of the item." I will be happy to tell you that "the item" is in mint condition. Go ahead. Make my day.

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