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(Hi! Please choose either Product #1 or Product #2 or both! Products #1 and #2 below, includes 'ALL' the items listed.)

Product #1 = $249.99

1 of 3: I have (1) Brand New – DK1415-5 Rear (4-Lug) Brake Rotors & Ceramic Pads for sale! The rear rotors can only be installed on a (4-lug) bolted wheel. It’s not designed for a (5-lug) bolted wheel. Both items have never been used!

2 of 3: The rotors are factory 'Mill-Balanced' to prevent vibration. Brake grease is also included. Rotors are compatible to fit any (4-Lug) LX, EX, GL, VE, GLS, GLX or Base, 4-Door Sedan (not SUV). Make: Hyundai & Kia 'regardless' of Model.

3 of 3: I have (1) Brand New – Hydraulic Jack Stand (Red) w/Yellow handle for sale! The item 'also' includes (1) bottle of Hydraulic Liquid Oil (12 oz) Brand: Wrench M3312. The oil was purchased separately but is included with the order.

ATTN: The 'Hydraulic Jack Stand' has already been filled with oil. The bottle is only included to top off as needed. Don't over fill!

Jack Stand Feature:

1. Weight Capacity: 2 Tons = 4,000 Ibs. Ideal for lifting Cars/Small Vans. (Most small cars weigh 3000 Ibs.)
2. Made of heavy duty steel, the jack is high-quality, sturdy and long-lasting.
3. Rear castors are designed for easier control and better maneuver ability.
4. Relief valve avoids overloading the jack.
5. Heavy duty chassis is fitted with a one-piece hydraulic pump for maximum strength.
6. Compact design for ease of use and maintenance.
7. Hydraulic Jack Stand (Instruction Manual)*


1. Type: Hydraulic Floor Jack (Stand)
2. Lifting Weight: 2 Ton (or) 4000Ibs.
3. Size: 115*120*380mm (or) 4/32 x 4/32 x 14/64 inches
4. Minimum Height: 140mm (or) 6 inches
5. Maximum Height: 290mm (or) 12 inches
6. The Length of Pressure Lever: 350mm (or) 14 inches
7. Net Weight: 5.56 kg (or) 12-13Ibs.
8. Material: Solid Steel

Safety & Cleaning Tips:

1. When the jack is not in use, the lifting arm should be in FULL DOWN position.
2. Please always keep the jack clean and keep the screw and bearings well lubricated.
3. Please store the handle with care.

Product #2 = $200.00

2004 Audi Timing Belt Kit.

1. Engine Water Pump PA763
2. Bando Serpentine Belt 6PK1855
3. Conti Synchrobelt Timing Belt TB297
4. Engine Timing Belt Tensioner & Idlerbearings/Roller / 078-109-243S | Male
5. Engine Timing Belt Tensioner & Idlerbearings/Roller / 078-109-243S | Female
6. Thermostat w/Circle Rubber Ring for Volkswagen, Passat, or Audi A4 / 078-121-113-F

ATTN: (A preferred meeting area: outside the Main Public Library at 501 Copper NW, ABQ, NM 87102)
ATTN: This ad will be (DELETED) once the item is sold. If *NOT* deleted, the item is still AVAILABLE!

Product #1 = Final Price: $249.99 (Retail: $300+)
Product #2 = Final Price: $200.00 (Retail: $250+)

Thank you!

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