Still. Distiller. 30l - $150

Electric Heating Integrated Distillation: Compared to the split distillation barrel, the 1800W integrated electric distillation can heat faster and produce faster liquid. Equipped with an anti dry burning device, it automatically turns off when the dry burning temperature is reached (150 ℃), and can be reset when the cooling temperature drops, ensuring the security of the contents throughout the distillation process.
Excellent Cooling System: Unlike previous distillers, this distillation equipment has been upgraded to a coil 304 condenser with a new design with a water outlet larger than the water inlet, which effectively solves the problem of condensate overflow while quickly cooling; the capacity of the condensation drum is increased, and the water pump achieves automatic condensate circulation, ensuring sufficient cooling.
Complete Accessory Kit: Comes with detailed assembly instructions for quick assembly. Stainless steel buckles and recessed seals stay secure during steaming. Ring carry handle for easy movement. Thermometer(0-150℃) for detecting real time temperature. One-way exhaust valve allows the distillation barrel to be used as a ferm ent barrel, making distilling more convenient and easy. The water pump accelerates the condensate circulation to ensure the effect and save water. It is also equipped with meter, measuring cup and other accessories to meet your needs.
Food-grade Material: Both the fermentation barrel and cooling barrel are food-grade stainless steel, more durable and anti-corrosion. The condensation tube is made of stainless steel, which, compared to copper tubes, does not produce copper green and is less prone to rust and damage. Gaskets and water pipes are food-grade silicone, safe and solid. This still can distill about 30L of raw materials at a time, fully meeting the needs of family or friends gathering.
Multiple Uses: This distillation kit achieves a new design with adjustable temperature of 30-120℃, which can be used more precisely for distillation of water, essential oils, etc, etc.

$150 firm. Brand new in open box.

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