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Hey everyone! I currently have 1 spot available for ages 10 months and up. I offer daily rates, part time rates, as well as flexibility options to work with hours outside of my daily schedule which is 7-5 M-F. This is a clean,smoke free, pet free place of living. As a mother of two, ages 3 months and 4 years old, I understand the courage it takes to leave your child in the hands of someone other than ourselves. For that reason, I do what I can to make this their home away from home, and allow my home to be a place your child looks forward to coming to. Meals will include a healthy home cooked breakfast and lunch, as well as two nutritional snacks. Our daily activities will consist of play time, story time, arts and crafts, as well as fun filled learning. I also provide care for children before and after school within this district in which the curriculum would be different for (sunset view elementary school). Email me and let's schedule a meet and greet!
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