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Hello Prospective Employer,

Do you need a break? Would you like to feel free to do some things for yourself, enjoy a clean house? Then I am the answer!

Make sure all your rooms are clean from the floor to ceiling, laundry, iron your clothes. Imagine not having to clean those nasty toilets!

I understand how life gets busy and very hectic at times and you just wish you could have a break from house work. If you find yourself in this very same situation don't hesitate to call me.

When you leave your house and responsibilities to me you can remain confident that I am making safe and smart decisions in your absence. Know that when you hire me you are hiring the best. I am worth every penny because your satisfaction is my number one priority.

My fees are $20/22 hour

I can do: ♥ one time ♥ weekly ♥ bi-weekly ♥ monthly ♥♥
I can use my or your cleaning supplies.
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Thank you so much to look at my ad and I hope you have a great day!

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