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Found Friendly Chilhuahua Mix Saturday 7/7/2018 on Prince Street near the Fire Station, this dog is clearly adored by someone. It enjoys playing with my much larger Catahuoula breed so I believe it has been around bigger dogs. The dog is adorable and sweet. I really want to return it to its rightful owner. Please text me if you believe this to be your dog. It is tan in color with some darker markings. Also bigger than most Chilhuahuas i have encountered, which leads me to believe it is a mix. It was wearing a collar with no tags and has no chip. As much as I adore the dog, I cannot give it a permenant home so if this is your dog you need to let me know ASAP as I will have to take to shelter at some point if I am unable to find the owner. Please id the dog by sex and describe the color it was wearing when lost.
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