merk ilmoit suosikiks Lost Cockatiel Sunshine (Juan Tabo and Indian School area) piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin

1509 Eastridge Dr NE

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Lost Cockatiel Sunshine
Sunshine flew away on 10-26-18 we have been looking for her, posted on different sites , put up some posters. gone to near by parks. Sunshine the cockatiel is grey with white edged wings, yellowish head and orange cheeks.
she does know how to step up so she would hopefully step up on a stick or branch if you tell her .

if found. the easiest way to keep her is temporally in a box with a few holes for oxygen with a small bowl of water, she might eat veggies peas, corn and a little meat, my phone is näytä yhteystiedot .

hopefully we can fine her before it gets too cold at night it is too cold. When it gets below 40 degrees they can get hypothermia.
she was lost on Eastridge Dr NE by Juan Tabo and Indian School, but no telling where she might be.
please spread the word

I am really hoping we can find her and bring her home. We are praying for a miracle,

Thank you for taking your time to read this and pass it on.
Hoping for all the help I can get.
I go outside and call her name 3 or 4 time,s hoping she is in the area, we look at the birds on the wires. have a cage in the back yard, even got some bird sounds to play in the backyard
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