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Vergütung: 500 cash a day

This ad is NOT for ANYTHING sexual!!!! I'm a mature built male 55 yrs 5ft7 215 solid muscle. Former powerlifter myself...really admire physical strength. Used to wrestle etc...but due to neck surgeries, can't really tussle any longer. ..I really dig physical strength testing it through wrestling...I can't wrestle any longer, but still want to feel strength. I became creative, I can get some strong men to lift and carry me in various ways so I can feel strength...that's how much i dig feeling strength /power. Most strong guys are more motivated to do this for me if I pay them...otherwise not so much... I'd pay you(BIG TIME CASH) to lift/carry me in various ways just so I can feel how strong you are...let me know if still interested. This could lead to regular cash paying meetings

Reason this ad is not in M4M section is because those men are looking for sex...I'am NOT

The Taller and bigger and stronger you are, the more you can make

This is contract work....not a full time job, however, with the amount of cash I'd pay you, the money could be more than a full time job easily.

Besides the strength ...I'd also have you hang with me, kind of like a big buddy protector strong man.. going to sporting events, if your a sports nut we'd get along well
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