DON'T HIRE AL! (Albuquerque)

Buyer beware of Al, "the Junk-Trash-Debris-Donation Hauling Guy". He say's he's a former professional mover of all 48 states and advertises himself as "Better Idea Specialty Hauling"...apparently moving a mid-size roll top desk is too much of a specialty job for him.

I told Al that I had a mid size roll top desk located in a bedroom right next to the front door...just needed it loaded, driven 11 miles to my storage and unloaded. He quoted me $130 so long as I was available to assist him. I explained to Al that the job would take approximately 30 minutes so $130 was a little steep...in the end, Al accepted my $85 offer.

Al arrived at the home 10 minutes prior to me. Upon exiting my vehicle he was screaming that he wasn't doing the job, I misrepresented the job, yelling at me that the desk was wider than the door frame and the only way to get it out would be to lift and twist it. He then let me know how pissed off he was that I haggled him on the price for something so difficult. I asked him to give me 5 minutes to get the desk out of the house myself to which he responded, "why don't you get the meth heads to help you move it".

It took a simple 6 screws to separate the desk into 3 pieces, which I was then able to load in the rear of an Infinity QX60. An hour and 15 minutes from door to door, I (with no help) had the desk separated, loaded and then unloaded into my storage. As I mentioned over the phone to Al, this would have taken 30 minutes had I had an extra person to assist and a better vehicle to transport.

Al is certainly no specialist and highly unprofessional...look elsewhere!

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