♲🚛 Junk Removal & Yard Maintenance 🍂 (Albuquerque)

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- Junk Removal
- Yard Cleaning (weeds and trash)
- Leaf Removal
- Small Tree Removal
- Gravel/Sand Removal
- Storage Unit Clean Outs
- Construction Debris Removal
- Commercial Junk Removal
- Garage Clean Outs
- Appliance Removal
- Furniture Removal
- Mattress and Sofa Hauling
- Small demolition jobs

$60 - $80 for 1/2 pickup truck load
$80 - $150 full pickup truck load
*dump trailer load estimates available upon request

✅ Curbside pick up Discounts
✅ Free Estimate
✅ Same Day or Next Day Service

Call or Text -- 505-433-1826 -- Abe

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