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Bachelor of Science in Physics from California State University Long Beach
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from California State University Fullerton
Focus on Electronics and Circuit Theory.

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Short Bio:

An interest in the conceptual sciences drove me to choose physics as a major. Physics is quite broad and varied in its subject matter. The program comprises several courses in advanced mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The most practical application of physics is its diversity of engineering fields. I advanced to achieve my Master’s in Electrical Engineering. There are many aspects to EE; my core program focused on electronics and circuit theory, and solid-state electronics. I am well versed in the general STEM programs of high school, community college, and university. I am a private, affordable tutor of several years’ experience, tutoring at the college and high school level. The extensive physical sciences of Physics and Engineering provide a great analytical background. I have mastered advanced subject matters, and other subjects’ students require.

University was only the beginning of my education. I tutored nearly full time as both an Undergraduate and in Grad-School. I found I had a great passion for helping others and broadening my own horizons as a student. Teaching is a great method to invoke all subjects within the STEM majors. I thus pursued a profession in tutoring as opposed to engineering or working for a company.

I am a full time, very well educated, private tutor of several years. I tutor full time, 7 days per week. Please reach out for specifics, I can absolutely accommodate. I can meet in person, and generally conduct Starbucks or in-home tutoring. I’m happy to meet at convenient locations, often libraries or coffee shops are great environments. In-home tutoring is great for students who prefer. I also conduct online tutoring through Zoom or similar platforms. I assist with many online classes, and zoom is great for screen share. Online classes work well, we can screen share and work through all material together. I assist a variety of students: Online Students, Online Programs, Home-School Students, College, University, & High School Students are among my typical clientele.

The following are a brief list of subjects I tutor often:
Many Introductory, Intermediate to Advanced Subject Matters


Statistics is in high demand and definitely a subject I tutor most often. From Elementary Statistics to Advanced Stats. There are many degree programs requiring stats, Nursing Majors, Business & Marketing, Psychology & Social Sciences, Graduate & MBA / MBS, Data Science & Analytics. I assist with a variety of stats courses every semester.

Elementary Statistics * Probability & Statistics *
Business Statistics * Psychology & Sociology Statistics * Bio-Stats *
Calculus Based Probability and Statistics (Mathematical Statistics) Engineering Statistics *
Graduate Statistics * Business Analytics * Data Science * Data Analysis *
Statistics for Economics *

Statistical and Programming Software including:
SPSS, R, Python, I am versatile in different languages
Excel and Microsoft Office

Pre-Algebra & Elementary Math
Algebra 1 & 2
Beginning & Intermediate Algebra
College & Advanced Algebra
Geometry *
Geometry is actually quite broad. I’ve studied Geometry from HS to
College levels and I’m great in ADVANCED MATHEMATICS
Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus
Single-Variable & Multi-variable Calculus
Calculus 1 * Calculus 2 * Calculus 3 *
Business Calculus
Differential Equations & Partial Differential Equations
Linear Algebra & Matrix Algebra
Discrete Mathematics & Finite Mathematics *
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science * Logic * Boolean Algebra * Set Theory

General Economics
Micro & Macro Economics
Calculus Based Economics
Principles of Accounting
Financial Accounting
Mathematical Finance
I tutor a variety of advanced mathematics courses. The business sciences contain several mathematics courses in Business, Economics, and Finance. I’m confident in math and advanced mathematics courses in the Business Sciences.

Introductory to Advanced Chemistry
Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
General Chemistry 1 & 2
Organic Chemistry 1 & 2
Physical Chemistry (Mathematical Chemistry)

ALL Introductory to Advanced Physics
Physics* Algebra Based & Calculus Based
Physics 1 * Physics 2 * Physics 3 *

My Bachelors is in Physics.
It is the most conceptual of all sciences.
At the University level I still encounter new subject matters.
The following are some of my favorite topics:

Engineering Physics & Applied Physics
Dynamics & Statics
Mechanics & Motion
Geometric Optics
Electro-Statics & Electro-Dynamics
Electricity & Magnetism
Circuits & Advanced Circuit Concepts
Applications in Electrical Engineering
Oscillations & Waves
Modern Physics
Thermodynamics & Engineering Thermo
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Other Physical Sciences

I tutor a variety of Advanced Placement courses
Honors courses and tests, in the math and sciences

I tutor for all common Math, Conceptual, Quantitative and Aptitude Testing
I’m excellent in all Mathematics Testing, but namely:

My general demographic is high school, community college, and university. Elementary school does require special care and patients. I often work with children and I consider myself quite helpful with all grade levels, middle school, high school, and occasionally elementary school. Lesson time is devoted to homework, test preparation, and all comprehensive material. It is usually assumed students are enrolled in a class, but I offer all mentoring and support. I have developed personalized lesson plans for many subjects and I can definitely provide material in preparation, often requested during winter or summer break. I teach many subjects comprehensively, SAT, ACT testing, General Chemistry, Statistics are a few very common requests. I can create a comprehensive lesson plan for all subjects in the math and sciences. Please ask !!!

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