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Subdecay Siren - $100
The Subdecay Siren is a true pitch vibrato effect with built in touch sensitive speed control.
Moderate settings create mesmerizing modulation. More extreme settings turn to seasick warbling and pitch madness.

EB-10 Preamp // EQ // Boost - sold
A tone tweakers delight, the EB-10 works as a preamp, EQ and boost to meticulously craft your guitar's sound allowing for studio-grade electric guitar tone in a live setting.

Lovepedal MKIII Tonebender Fuzz Pedal - sold
The MKIII is a 3-transistor Mark I Tonebender
Fresh from the magic sound lab at Lovepedal: 'Bender tones - from wild and syrupy to brash and snarly with wicked sustain and meaty sound! Vintage performance with the convenience of an LED and 9V input.
Lovepedal's 2016 MKIII is actually based around the tone and feel of a MKI.

Menatone Dirty Blonde - $100
A downright American beauty! The Menatone Dirty Blonde is based on those great blonde tolexed American amps from the early '60s. With its big, round bottom end and a twangy, sweet top, this beauty queen will definetly turn some heads.
But don't let her pretty face fool you. With the PUSH control this sweet girl can turn into a raging bitch in no time, adding a huge midrange punch and roar. The Dirty Blonde is perfect for country, blues, rockabilly, or any other rootsy style that calls for a woody kick and a gnarly snarl that cuts through the band with ease.

Catalinbread Valcoder $100
The Valco company of Chicago made amplifiers under their own name in addition to building amps for other companies such as Supro®, National, and Gretsch, to name a few. Most of these were lower powered amps with a great sounding natural tube breakup and many models also featured a unique sounding tube driven tremolo. It had a hypnotic throb and was also capable of hard, choppy tremolo. Combined with the breakup overdriven characteristics of the amplifier, it created a percussive, rhythmic pulse that is very inspiring to play. The Catalinbread Valcoder was designed to recreate the tube tremolo as well as the amplifier breakup of these vintage amplifiers. Separate input and output controls allow you to get anything from a clean tremolo sound all the way up to a gritty tube like breakup driving the tremolo circuit.

385 Overdrive - $125
Inspired by the rich tones of the Bell and Howell Filmosound 385 projector, the reimagined 385 MKII Overdrive offers dynamic, responsive, tube-like drive with simple but effective controls. Killer amp-in-a-box pedal!

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