Guitar/Bass lessons that really work (ONLINE and North Valley)

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Don't let your instrument control YOU! Learn to control IT.

I am an established local performer having played in such bands as Big Damn Crazy Weight, Bring Back Dad and currently playing guitar for Guadalupe Blue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n8aQJk-DHE If you want to learn how to REALLY play guitar or bass, I am now offering lessons. The rate is $30 per weekly one hour lesson. (Have something to barter? I'll listen) Beginner to advanced welcome!

What I WILL teach you: A series of exercises designed to make your hands become connected to your mind and allow you to play the music you hear in your head. These are tried and true exercises that made me the guitarist I am today.
I will also teach you to understand Music Theory and Composition. You will learn the WHY behind the music you love and comprehend it on a different level!

Rather than just teach you specific songs, I will teach you to understand the guitar so you can easily teach yourself any song you want to play. You will also learn how to take a song in one genre and remake it in your own style. As you progress, you will learn advanced Music Theory, and enable your own ability to write music of your own.

Knowledge is power, the power to control your instrument and make the music you have always wanted to make!

((I have just a few open spots at this time so first come first served))

Whether you just play for fun or are interested in really mastering the guitar, please CALL or TEXT Scotty @ Five-Oh-Five-515-5070

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