How’s your Musical Knowlege? Take the Quiz!!! FREE Lesson! (Albuquerque)

#1. How many half-steps/semitones in a perfect 4th interval?
#2. What note is a perfect fifth up from C? A perfect fifth down from C?
#3. How is a dominant 7th chord different from major 7th and minor 7th chords?
#4. What is a tri-tone?
#5. What is the chromatic scale?
#6. What are the notes in an F major scale? F natural minor scale? F harmonic minor? F melodic minor?
#7. How are diminished, augmented, and suspended chords different from regular major and minor chords?
#8. In a G minor 11th (Gmin11) chord, what note is the ninth? The eleventh?

If you can confidently answer at least six of these, I salute you; your musical kung fu is very good, you may or may not want to continue reading. If you are uncertain about, or confused by most of these questions, don’t sweat it; if you can count to 13, I can teach you, in about 30 minutes, how to understand and answer all of them! You will find that just a little bit of musical knowledge goes a long way towards uncovering the musician inside of you. I’m so confident of this, that for the first time ever, I’m offering free 30-min piano lessons to help uncover some of the mysteries of the infinite world of music! if you’d like to learn some key musical concepts that will deepen your understanding and enhance your creativity, then contact me for a free session! Bring a notebook, and walk away with some helpful tools and concrete knowledge about intervals, scales, and chords—the DNA/building blocks of music.

My name is O. Smith III, I love music and I love teaching people how to teach themselves; I have 30+ years experience in the world of music, and 10+ years of teaching piano and music theory. If you want to study with me beyond your free lesson my rates are $45/hour and $25 for a 30 min sesssion. Other than that, thanks for taking the quiz…I look forward to hearing from you, have a great day!

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