Variety of Board Games (Montgomery Heights)

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Variety of board games for sale! Casual games, card games, deck builders, and more! Individual games all have a photo on this posting. Starting point for negotiations are posted below, but if you make me a reasonable offer, I'm willing to bargain.

Apples to Apples: an all ages party game where you match red "apple" cards to green "noun" cards. Get the best match and you win the round. Win the most rounds and win the game! Starting Price: $10

TriBond: You are presented with three subjects. Find the link between them to win the round! Nice trivia game for an adult crowd with a wide knowledge base. Starting Price: $10

Tri-Ominos: Connect triangular pieces together to generate the most points. Think dominoes, but with an extra dimension. As Nigel Tufnel might say, "this one goes to 11." Starting Price: $5

Aye, Dark Overlord!: 1 player is Rigor Mortis, the Dark Overlord. Everyone else is one of his unreliable minions, who must take turns justifying their failures. A fun improvisational/party game where you make up the most ridiculous excuses based on card prompts. Starting Price: $5

Parcheesi: You know about parcheesi. It's the game from India where you move pieces around a track and try to beat everyone to the finish line. 'Nuff said. Starting Price: $5

Aeon's End: a single or multi-player deck building game where play a mage who must defend humanity from terrible horrors intent on destroying the last bastion of humanity. Can you build enough resources, attacks, and card management into your deck to overcome them, or will Gravehold fall before the onslaught of the Nemesis? Starting Price: $50

Dead Men Tell No Tales: a cooperative board game where you play a band of pirates trying to loot a burning ship. Work together to keep the fire from spreading while fighting off angry ghost pirates and getting all that shiny loot out of the hold before the whole ship sinks to the depths of Davy Jones' Locker. Starting Price: $30

Cosmic Encounter: A strategy game of intergalactic conquest, with nearly endless variety. You'll never play the same game twice! Diplomacy, technological research, chance, and wild alien civilizations, each with their own unique ways they change up the rules make for a unique experience each game. Starting Price: $50

Cthulhu Fluxx: Speaking of "never the same game twice," this is the Cthulhu themed variant of Fluxx. The game starts with a simple set of rules- draw a card, play a card, and doesn't even have a victory condition until someone plays it. At any point, however, the rules can change, so you may go from near certain victory to utter defeat next turn. Great for H.P. Lovecraft fans and card game fans alike. Starting Price: $5

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